Understand your clients’ thinking to be more effective as a coach

26 February 2023

How I use MindSonar® in my Business Coaching

Who we are has a profound impact on our lives and the decisions we make. It influences not only what we do, but also how we do it, when we do it (or not in a lot of cases), and most importantly, why we do it. 

Our identity shapes the relationships we build with ourselves and others and determines the outcomes and results we achieve in all the roles we perform, both in business or our personal lives.

Socrates famously said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

This simple but powerful statement highlights the importance of self-awareness and self-knowledge. 

By understanding who we are, how we think and what motivates us, we can make more informed and deliberate choices about how we live our lives, run our businesses and the relationships we create.

This is why, as a Business Coach, I spend time helping my clients gain clarity on who they are so they can better leverage their natural ability to “get out of their own way” and quickly achieve better results.

One aspect of who we are is the way we think – our cognitive style. 

Cognitive styles are ways that people absorb and organise information as well as how they go about solving problems and making decisions and communicating them with others. 

As an experienced coach, I am constantly and creatively combining different methods and tools to create unique strategies for my clients. Seeking out new approaches is the best way to ensure that every individual reaches their desired outcomes!

That’s why I’m a big fan of MindSonar®.

MindSonar® is a tool that measures two things: thinking style and what is important.

This information is invaluable in helping me tailor my coaching to each client.

By understanding how my client thinks, I can better understand how to best help them change their thinking and behaviours and enable them to be more themselves.

Moreover, by understanding what is important to them and their cognitive style, I can be more effective as a coach in the way I communicate, challenge, and support them during our coaching sessions.

I can help them create goals and action plans that are aligned with their values and who they are.

There’s no one-size fits all blueprint when it comes to success – individual approaches must reflect a person’s unique abilities and methods of thinking to be effective.

Therefore, using the MindSonar® tool I can Identify the unique combination of methods that will work for MY CLIENTS and who they are.  

In short, MindSonar® is a powerful tool that can help coaches facilitate real change in their clients, fast.

By enabling our clients an understanding of who they are and how they think, they can better leverage their unique talents and abilities and be more effective and efficient in achieving their objectives.

As a coach, you want to help your clients unlock their true potential for success. 

Incorporating MindSonar® into your toolset is an excellent way to give them the edge they deserve! 

Unlocking greater understanding and clarity in just minutes – what could be better?

About the author

MindSonar® Professional and Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker, Peter Gregory AKA PeterG. 

PeterG is a catalyst for success, enabling his clients to unlock the power of their untapped potential to reach unprecedented heights. By encouraging individuals to unlock and explore the depths of their capabilities he empowers them with the tools they need to turn dreams into reality!

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