About Us

Workforce Solutions Group work nationally and internationally, providing coaching and training and measuring cognitive diversity in teams.

A team of experienced professional trainers and coaches, each member of our team is passionate about their field of expertise, helping people and organisations deliver outstanding performance.

Our clients are from diverse backgrounds, including health, engineering, finance and IT, where we have provided team development and coached solutions.

The vision is to create understanding by embracing cognitive diversity.

What is important to us is to challenge, inspire and enable those we engage with by supporting our clients to understand themselves and others.

Our mission is to challenge and inspire understanding to create effective teams and choices in business, enabling others to achieve their potential because #thinkingmakesitso

Our History

Formed in 2010 – We have experienced both excellent cultures and toxic behaviours; we set out to make a difference and harness everyone’s expertise through individual and team development.

As a business, we want people to understand people! We provide business and leadership coaching, facilitation and psychological assessment to enable team and business growth. Workforce Solutions Group are the only UK supplier of, and trainers in, MindSonar® – a psychological measurement that provides accurate analysis of cognitive diversity within teams and shows individuals their strengths and areas for growth.

Currently working in the science and engineering, IT, health and care sectors, we support the growth of others and train suitable candidates to do what we do.

Who we are

Meet the team

Ian Clarke

Director UK

Kate Jackson

Leadership & Business Coach UK

Peter Rolland

Executive Coach & MindSonar® Professional UK

Gaber Marlot

MindSonar® Distributor Slovenia

Minakshee Patel

EDI Lead & MindSonar® Professional UK

Viv Purkiss

Business Manager UK

Peter Gregory

MindSonar® Professional & Business Growth Coach UK