“I deeply understand my traits and behaviours that I was unaware of. This will allow me to grow my team and business.”

Mital's Story

Meet Mital – she is the CEO of Spark Academy. Mital attended our business growth programme and undertook MindSonar® measurement, which gave her insight into how she could be more productive in developing her business.

Mital is probably one of the most inspiring people we have met, and her quest to support kids in education is insatiable. We now work with Mital and Spark Adademy using MindSonar® to show students their cognitive style and how they can adapt thinking styles to different situations.

"I would highly recommend decoding mindsets. Thank you, for your comprehensive support and guidance."

Tom's Story

Meet Tom Richards, Bid Co-ordinator. Attended an advertised Mindset of Tendering training session. His mindset was decoded utilising the MindSonar® tool, which assessed and mapped results against that of a successful tendering professional.

This highlighted blindspots in confidence, where improvements could be made and how to enhance the different stages and stakeholders. Tom stated, ‘I have certainly seen positive results, not only in the work that I have completed but also in my approach to the process and the people around me.’

"Coaching was the perfect ‘excuse’ to take some time to think about myself and dedicate to myself. Also, the pushy side of it, Ian, made me seriously think about what we were discussing."

Andrea's Story

Meet Andrea de Luca, CEO, Flusso Limited. Andrea joined our coaching programme as part of his desire to scale up his business. He needed time to reflect and develop his role as a business leader. His company has recently been acquired for £28 million.

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