Did you know over 17 million days at work are lost yearly because of stress?

If you are a manager or entrepreneur that needs support, our growth coaching will help you solve and scaleup. If you would like to acquire coaching skills, our Leader as Coach programme (accredited by the Association for Coaching) will enable your staff to achieve organisational objectives and avoid issues and stressors.

Craig Johnstone
Well organised and good connection with the coach, I am less stressed and more motivated - letting certain worries go
  • Craig Johnstone
  • Co founder of Enough food ltd


We connect the entrepreneur and employees to their outcomes.

Coaching provides leadership development and management skills that facilitate change and reduce stress. The main causes of stress (HSE) include:

  • Demands (workload, work patterns, work environment, procrastination )
  • Control (how much say an employee has in how they do their work)
  • Support (from managers/supervisors and self-belief)
  • Relationships (avoiding conflict, dealing with unacceptable behaviour)
  • Purpose (understanding the role and expanding the roles, values)
  • Change (organisational and personal)
  • Identity (imposter syndrome)


Leader as Coach

A formal accredited programme over three modules with action learning sets and group practice. You gain leadership and management insights and techniques to coach the workforce, hold difficult conversations and build engagement and resilience in your employees.


Personalised coaching over an agreed period of time where you have your thinking style analysed using MindSonar (identifying strengths and areas for growth). The coach will agree leadership and development objectives and work through issues and hold you accountable for activities.

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    Wasif Mehdi
    I’ve had great sessions with Ian, who has been nothing short of fantastic. He is empathetic, asked probing questions, great communication i.e. has a way of putting things that are complex, simply and a great knack for honing in on root cause of the various situations we discussed. Keep doing what you’re doing Ian.
    • Wasif Mehdi
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