MindSonar® measures the thinking style of individuals and the cognitive diversity with in teams, getting straight to the heart of problems and providing solutions in any situation.



MindSonar® measures your thinking styles and values in a given context.

It doesn’t tell you about “most people” or “the majority of people with this style”; it tells you about you. MindSonar® is used for team development, recruiting new team members, culture change, coaching, benchmarking, pre and post-course evaluation, effective communication strategies and identifying the thinking styles of customers.



A MindSonar® measurement is undertaken online. A context is agreed then it is completed while thinking about the context.

Feedback is then given to the individual(s) about their thinking styles and values by a qualified professional, supported by a 23-page report. Note that MindSonar® makes no judgement about what is good or bad, but measures thinking styles and values. The individual then works with a MindSonar® coach to analyse thinking styles, concentrating on strengths and areas for growth to achieve full potential.


MindSonar® Certification

  • Date

    Delivered over seven sessions.
    1400hrs-1700hrs May 12th, 19th, June 9th,23rd, July 7th, 14th.

  • Location

    Online with e-reading

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Influencing Language: Solutions for Businesses and Organisations

  • Date:

    Four 3-hour workshops
    0930-1230 May 12th, 19th, June 9th, 23rd.

  • Location:

    Leicester Forest RFC, LE3 3PJ

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Influencing and motivational language solutions in business - MindSonar® Level 1

  • Date:

    June 13th & 20th 0900hrs-1400hrs

  • Location:


  • Gain

    Understand and apply thinking and language patterns
    Decode your product and service
    Develop precise communication patterns for growth and development.
    Pitch your service and sell with ease.
    Build stronger relationships that can lead to business opportunities and partnerships.
    Avoid miscommunications that can lead to conflicts and mistakes.

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Tom Mangan
The training has helped me to gain a clear vision of where I want to take my business and the most effective way to go about it, which has been tailored directly to my business.
  • Tom Mangan
  • Tom Mangan Wealth Management