Appraisal – knowing your style of thinking

Appraisal – knowing your style of thinking


Knowing How You Think As An Appraiser

Ever wondered why numbers of your workforce don’t get the best out of the appraisal cycle and see it as a process to get signed off? I have always believed it is an essential additive that powers your business. I don’t mean solely for business development but as a therapy in health and wellbeing and retention of staff. Get it right and the workforce delivers the business.

Yesterday I ran a skills workshop for appraisers and over lunch, the appraisers undertook the Mindsonar profile in the context of ‘delivering appraisals.’ Not something I usually do, but I became curious after talking about the skills needed and how their thinking styles may affect their approach to appraisals.

As a Mindsonar coach, here are a few areas I was able to identify; key strengths and blind spots:

  • Listening with intent
  • Identify potential mistakes in setting objectives
  • Knowing when to let others take control and when to let go of things beyond our control
  • Keeping focused the on the person and not the paperwork

What is interesting is we cover all this in the programme, but when you can identify a participant’s blind spots and strengths, they can make a massive shift in what they do.

Facilitating a workshop powered by Mindsonar gives skills-based programmes so much more influence and return on investment.MindSonar_seal_2014B_200px1 Appraisal - knowing your style of thinking

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