A different way to use Mindsonar in the context of knowing the team you work in.

I am always looking for ways to refresh a team before cracks start to appear.  Last week on the MindSonar UK programme we did just that. Our team refreshed its understanding of each other and started to appreciate the diversity and skills each of us holds, in a fun way.
water-team-1 Rehydrate Your Team with Mindsonar
The MindSonar ® tool establishes your thinking style and what you value in a given situation  (MindSonar assumes we change our thinking style based on the context).
Our MindSonar ® coach got the team to complete individual profiles. We completed the tool in the context of ‘me within the team‘. At the feedback session, the coach placed each profile on a separate flip chart,  all profiles were anonymised, and hung around the room. Under each profile, the flip chart had four headings: superhero powers, blind spots, frustrations and how you can help me.
We were asked to comment individually on each of the flip charts under the four headings and after we reviewed all the profiles, the coach then revealed to whom the profiles belonged.
What an eye opener the power of anonymity is!  It means you give feedback on others as well as your own profile. Needless to say, I commented several times how I might frustrate myself and how I might help myself!!!!  Others also commented where I might help them.
We then took our own profiles and fed back to the group what we liked, what jumped out at us and how we want others to help us to become better at what we do within the team. Following that we discussed our next steps;  what actions we would take and a “guardian angel” (someone with an opposite thinking style), who we could bounce ideas off.
fi_The-Benefits-of-Hydration-300x125 Rehydrate Your Team with MindsonarTo wrap up the refresh we individually summarised our strengths into brief words which we made into a slogan and developed a group image of how we viewed the team. The picture created a strong bond of “us” as a team in our work.
As a team we must have inspired our facilitator; one we week later he sent the group a Latin motto of our slogan:
Doctrina simul – progressio suscepit – praeclarum victoria
Ian Clarke

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