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MindSonar Certification

a participant view

By Viv Purkiss

13th November 2017

It’s Monday morning and people are arriving to start the first Mindsonar training in the UK. Mindsonar, the tool which builds on the work of many thought and linguistic leaders around thinking styles, has now come to the UK from the Netherlands, where it was developed by Jaap Hollander. It has a growing following in business, sports and personal development. Workforce Solutions Group has brought the tool to the UK – and what a tool it is!

It’s great to see some old friends and meet some new people. We are a dedicated, enthusiastic group of professionals from diverse backgrounds; sales, coaching, project management and healthcare experts who are establishing Mindsonar as the psychological profile of choice in their specialist fields. Speaking with them, they want to grow the Mindsonar community and it is truly exciting to be part of this ground-breaking group.

We start Day 1 with an introduction from Jennet, who is from the Netherlands and part of the group who have developed Mindsonar. Jennet apologises for the fluency of her English – which is better than some native speakers! We have amongst our number Kerensa, also from the Netherlands, who is so eager to become familiar with the tool that she cannot wait for the next training in the Netherlands, scheduled for April.

Course participants are expected to be familiar with concepts used in coaching, particularly metaprograms. A metaprogram describes a thinking style. Useful pre-reading for the course on metaprograms is Shelley Rose Charve, “Words That Change Minds,” and Anneka Durlinger and Guus Hustinx, “Mastering Communication.”

Module one of the course is very interactive, ably facilitated by Jennet. The highlight of day one for me comes in the morning when Jennet asks us to stand at the front of the room and introduce ourselves by name, to say what our work is, and to share what our hopes and dreams of working with Mindsonar are. While you are doing this, other participants identify your thinking patterns through the language you use. After hearing a few colleagues, it suddenly strikes me what a momentous day this is – the FIRST day of Mindsonar being introduced into the UK. The potential for using Mindsonar as a development tool for individual and team use is awesome. We are at the beginning of major change and improvement for individuals and organisations across the UK – no longer will we be thinking, “I don’t get on with X, he’s really difficult” – but instead, “Our thinking styles are different, what can we do to create greater synergy?” Mindsonar is the pathfinder for this greater synergy, and I can really see it helping people to understand themselves and others.   Don’t take my word for it – read more of my blog and visit

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