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Multi Source Feedback (MSF)

Continuous professional and personal development is the identification of areas for development that are needed to support change – but this can be resource intensive. How then can people continue to improve their skills and learning?

The answer is Multi Source Feedback (MSF).

What is it?

MSF, also known as 360° feedback, can be defined as a process by which multiple individuals, representing discrete informant groups, give objective feedback which participants can use to develop their behaviours, attitudes and skills.

The concept is based on the premise that participants’ roles (Behaviour, Attitude and Skills) in teams are fundamental and central to an organisation’s development.

MSF assumes that participants can be individually assessed in a meaningful way across a number of competencies by co-workers, managers. leaders and trainers/supervisors.

How does it work?

Using advances in behavioural measurement theory, a useful development feedback report can be produced. Practically, this involves the use of an online questionnaire distributed to the individual and their chosen assessors. Feedback is then generated by collated comments and aggregating scores from the assessors, compared to self scores and ideally comparative cohort scores.

The feedback is then supported by a facilitator who can provide the right level of support (facilitation either by Life Associates or trained in-house facilitators).

Who uses it?

MSF has a long history in healthcare professions, starting in the military and education, developed in the psycho-occupational literatures throughout the 20th century and most significantly embraced by industry and management.

MSF tool can be configured to meet your needs e.g. value based recruitment and client feedback in your organisation.

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