I speak from personal experience when I say that the world of the self-employed business person is a lonely field to be in.

You spend a lot of time with yourself, with very few teams around you.

I have spoken to a lot of people in the same boat too and they all seem to face similar problems – especially those working from home.

“How do I make the most of my working day and get things done?”

Well, it’s a learning process. Few people begin life as a self-employed person and nail the workflow process straight away. It takes time.

It takes time to avoid procrastination.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

We have all felt that feeling where you know you have to do something but you get waylaid doing something else instead.

Myself included.

The Mindsonar tool can play a big part in allowing you to avoid procrastination where you can.

It can also enable the self-employed to identify areas where their strengths are and where there might be weaknesses.

What is that area for you? Where do you know you excel and where are there areas you feel you can improve upon?

Help improve yourself

Taking the Mindsonar test in the context of: ‘me at my self-employed best’ can identify what you do really well and other areas where you could improve upon or, crucially, where you may bring in additional resources to improve yourself.

For example, me as a business person running Workforce Solutions, I know that I am not strong in the area of following processes and writing out plans. So I realised that I have to go out and get that from other people.

That took me quite a while to realise after a spell of procrastination over what I should be doing. I used to lament myself for not doing it properly instead of recognising that my strengths are in creating new training materials and being pro-active.

Mindsonar can help the self-employed in the same way. It can identify where a person is making mistakes and will help identify how to do things in a more systematic manner.

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