It’s the halfway point between the first 2-day Mindsonar Certification training module and the second, which will take place in early IMG_0505-136-300x226 Mindsonar Certification - progress and workDecember. I’m really looking forward to it – we’ll be doing team profiles and feedback for team development next time and the developer of Mindsonar, Jaap Hollander, will be coming to the UK to deliver the module.

Between modules, we have formed into groups of three and are having online meetings using meeting software in order to feedback to each other about our profiles. The particular context we completed the profile for was “Me at my best.” I mentioned last time that I am strongly goal-oriented, but interestingly, I’m also very reflective (known as reactive in Thinking Style language). I do already know about myself that I am reflective – and I didn’t think that was a bad thing – but my feedback on this was does reflection in this context prevent action? Was this long thinking time actually procrastination?

This question was very interesting to me. I know about myself that I tend to wait to do things until the time feels right. My Mindsonar Executive Coach asked whether I could think about what it was that stimulated me into action. Again, a very interesting question. NLP teaches us that much of our behaviour originates in our unconscious and I’m not aware of what stimulates me to action. So I guess one of my actions from our feedback meeting is to notice what it is that does stimulate me to act and learn from that.

Another piece of feedback that brought me up short was concerning my locus of control. In this context, I have a very strong internal locus of control, which means that I believe that I have the ability to influence people and the world about me, and I believe that my standards are correct. My Mindsonar Executive Coach asked me whether I thought taking others’ points of view and standards into account might benefit me, especially at work. My only answer is yes, of course. Again this is one of the things that I need to dive into my unconscious for to bring this into my conscious mind because I think it really would benefit me to change this thinking style.

I’m learning how to use Mindsonar as a coaching tool, but I’m also learning a lot about myself, which isn’t always comfortable, but it is useful. And of course this will help me to be a better coach – understanding your own style of thinking, and doing something about it, I know this will make me a more authentic coach.

 By Viv Purkiss: self-confessed addict of Mindsonar

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