IMG_3418-300x225 MindSonar: my course, my progress and ready for 2018Mindsonar is a new psychological profiling tool that identifies values and thinking styles in a given context. 

Views of Executive Coach and Service Manager Viv Purkiss.

As we come to the end of the current year, it’s time to look forward to the coming year which for me will start with a bang when we complete the final part of our MindSonar course to become certified Mindsonar Practitioners, which I’m really looking forward to. But today I am thinking about what I’ve learned so far –Frankeinstiening--300x300 MindSonar: my course, my progress and ready for 2018 things like Frankensteining, where, as a practitioner one steps into the thinking styles of another.


To do that we practised body language and verbal expressions one may have with the type of thinking style. Try it – express how someone has thinking styles of “options” or “goal setting” with body language and verbal expressions. It’s fun and more to the point it makes you understand the person at a deeper level. We went a step further – we did the body language dance. The wonderful Jaap Hollander put on some funky music in the seminar room, called out a thinking style, and we danced the body language. We felt good. We probably looked hilarious. But as a way of stepping into another’s shoes, it really hit the spot.

I don’t generally make New Year Resolutions. I can’t usually keep them, except for the year that I resolved to keep my weight up. That was easy. But reflecting on what I’ve learned about myself during the course of learning to be a MindSonar Practitioner, I believe I can make some valuable changes for myself which will percolate into both my personal and professional life. For example, I am quite internally referenced which means I know when I am doing a good job. I don’t need others to tell me. But what if this gives me a skewed version of the world? What if I don’t take others’ views into account when dealing with them? Added to this, I have a very high internal locus of control – I believe that I can affect the world. The downside of this is that I might feel very responsible for everything that happens – not just to me, but to others. It could be a very big responsibility.

During the second module of the course, we undertook an exercise where we looked at the groups anonymised profiles in an exercise called F5 (team refresh) and made notes about each of profiles. We had lots of positives – we looked at what our superpowers are, and how we could help others. For instance, I am highly procedural so I can help someone who has a preference for options to think about steps towards goals. The downside of this is that I might be over-procedural, miss options, and frustrate the optional thinker. Aside from this we built a team ethos, drew it as a picture of what we believed we were about as MindSonar Practitioners in the UK.

I know my MindSonar colleagues have already undertaken several F5 (team refresh) consultations and executive coaching sessions in December 2017. F5 exercises are ideal for teams re consolidating for 2018, identifying strategy and operational processes through to who can help who to reach the goals, they want, and avoid the pitfalls they identify.  IMG_0337-2-2100-300x200 MindSonar: my course, my progress and ready for 2018

So it’s not a matter of changing yourself for the better, or indeed the worse. It’s about being flexible, recognising the diversity of thinking, and working with this to improve relationships and achieve goals.

If you want something new for profiling in 2018, have a look at this one and speak to Ian; Head of MindSonar UK,  a workforce development expert and  Language and Behaviour profiling consultant.

Viv Purkiss

31st December 2017

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