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By challenging and inspiring individuals to understand themselves we create effective teams and choice in business.

Workforce Solutions Group provides expert led Language and Behaviour profiling, improving employer and client relations.

What we do

We  understand how people tick; what is important to them, why they do what they do, how they think and how they behave.  

We use MindSonar® the only measurement to develop lasting change, saving you time, costs and emotional energy.  Through MindSonar® we deliver coaching, facilitated workshops or consultancy. Simply we gain the change you want.

 Specialists in working with the whole workforce our MindSonar® measurement will provide workforce development and change management by challenging thinking, influencing cultures, and improving processes.

We decode what people say, identify their motivation and support their blind spots.

Our values

challenge Home


ask questions, seek feedback, learn from mistakes
inspire Home


vision, share, shape, ignite, look at it from different positions
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set objectives, make resources available, view possibilities, maintain state, trust, empower, capture thoughts
model Home


set self as an example, look at how and who has done it before, adapt, be flexible, plan
encourage Home


creativity, encourage from the heart all those around, celebrate and love work

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Ian was introduced to me when I needed time and space to develop the business further.

Ian has a wealth of knowledge, his manner is professional, relaxed and focused. At the start of the journey, one of the tools I undertook was the MindSonar measurement. All I can say is “Wow.” The results of the psychological tool were extremely accurate as to how I approached my activities, detailing my strengths and what aspects I could assess differently within myself and support company growth. I cannot say it was easy as Ian certainly held me to account!!

Through working with Ian over six months I am pleased to say that whilst I am busy, I now have more quality time with my family and a balanced focused approach to my company. Our continued partnership working is based on trust, Ian always delivers with sound knowledge and active support to achieve current and future goals. content goes here.

Hema Patel

Company Director, Cherre Residential Care Ltd & Pathfinders Community Support

c62-logo-e1546633885708 HomeI have taken part in various psychometric testing in the previous role. The issue I have was always the way the data and information was presented; it always seems harder to understand/ digest. Inherently, they seemed focused on the benefit to the employer only.

Taking part in the Mindsonar process was pleasantly surprising. The process from the start was engaging, and the initial data feedback was visual and easier to understand. The one-to-one feedback session was the most beneficial element as the discussion allowed explanation and points on development.

From my perspective, Mindsonar is about personal understanding and improvement. For any employer looking for a greater understanding of a team, Mindsonar is a must. For an employee, Mindsonar is a great way to better understand yourself, how you work and ways to be better at what you do.

Thanks, Mark

Mark Robinson

Managing Director , Creative 62

0 HomeIn July  I attended a Mindset of Tendering training session. 

Analysing my approach to tenders, utilising a Mindsonar assessment tool.

This highlighted to me not only where my shortfalls were in my confidence, but also where improvements could be made in my approach.

I have since, gone away and analysed the findings for myself, which has further benefited me significantly and allowed me to strengthen my skill set with immediate impact. I have certainly seen positive results, not only in the work that I have completed but also in my approach to the process and the people around me.  

I found Ian who ran the session to be very interactive and knowledgeable. 

We broke up my Mindsonar test results in detail and then they were explained to me thoroughly. Following this, I was provided with coaching for my shortfalls and given a detailed explanation of why this would benefit me as an individual.

I would highly recommend this course to any tendering professional who would like to understand and invest in themselves to encourage successful working and to ultimately win contracts.  

Thank you, Ian, for your comprehensive support and guidance.

Tom Richards

Bid Co-ordinator, Sharpsmart UK

Stuart Kellock MD.         rsz_stuart_kellock_label_apeel_cropped-300x235 Home

Label Apeel is the UK’s leading quality label printer. To achieve these standards we have to employ the very best people. Having engaged with different types of personality modelling before we were looking for something that would allow us to match the skills of the role to the thinking styles of applicants.

Working with Ian and the MindSonar product has been a pleasure- but don’t expect an easy ride. This tool is all about you doing the hard miles up front rather than after you have employed the wrong person. Ian probed us and pushed us to truly define the role and the skills required for the post. We did a lot of examining and thinking before we understood the requirements of the role. To my mind, this was such a worthwhile exercise to create a template of the style we wanted, so when we went into the selection process, we were focused and thoughtful which is probably a 100 miles from where we have been in the past. 

The tool is clear, understandable and extremely useful. It allowed us to make very fine decisions between different candidates or in one case identify that actually none of the candidates were suitable. The real power behind the tool though is Ian himself, a tough taskmaster who brooks no waffle or prevarication. Ian has guided us through the implementation and the using of MindSonar, and I believe saved us 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of pounds in wasted time and energy, employing unsuitable people for the wrong roles.


Stuart Kellock

Managing Director, Label Apeel

“I recently met Ian for a coaching session at the end of my time working with my previous employer. It was an extremely informative experience; Ian was thoroughly prepared in advance for the session and put me at ease immediately. He explained interesting concepts in a clear and engaging manner, finding positives even in “blind spots” in my workplace approach and suggesting ways of improving my interview technique. In advance of the meeting the MindSonar tool was easy to use, consistent and intuitive. I would thoroughly recommend working with Ian to anyone at any stage of the career”

Alun Williams

Head of Operations, Academy for Healthcare Science

“I found your coaching fun, emotionally challenging, but above all inspirational; the time just flew by, and I feel completely changed by it. Now, I know I can do and achieve anything.”
— Lynda Craven, Owner at Mayfair & Mint Limited

“Ability to understand teams and individuals through using ‘Language & Behaviour Profiling’ is exceptional and I highly recommend others to use this to understand what motivates them and their customers.”
— Idox Healthcare Director Steve Wightman

“Enthusiastic facilitator, worked well to help people go outside their comfort zones.”
— Participant in Cromwell Care "Living our Values" Training

“During the past year I have had the opportunity to commission Workforce Solutions Group to undertake work on behalf of NHS Wales. Ian has effectively led the team and provides much valued insight and thought into the process; has engaged with stakeholders in a sensitive manner which has ensured all feel involved in the process and delivered high quality products for us. Workforce solutions have made challenging areas of work easier to navigate and have delivered on the agreed outcomes. Workforce Solutions Group possess a wealth of information and experience across Government Policy, the NHS Service, the Higher Education sector and education commissioning.  They are in a unique position to link all these aspects which added significant value to the work undertaken.”
Stephen Griffiths

Director of Workforce and Education , Welsh Education Development Service

bethimage003-225x300 HomeWorkforce Solutions Group and Ian Clarke have helped me to think through which route to take at a major working life crossroads. Oh, yawn, I thought, a psychometric test, but MindSonar probes very differently. I found it quite tricky to focus at the beginning, but the instructions prompted me continually to think about values within my chosen context. Ian was able to interpret and feedback the considerable output generated by MindSonar to help me think through options in general and my crossroads in particular. As we talked, he steered me to generate a wider set of ideas but which fitted together within my needs, encouraged me to look at my blind spots, challenged me to feel better about myself and prompted me to make a plan which would deliver things within a few days, a few months and a few years. Ian was able to share his own experience and knowledge to help firm up my way forward. I came away inspired and with confidence boosted. As we parted, a handshake seemed totally inappropriate, so Ian got an impromptu hug. Highly recommended! beth@beth04.plus.com

Beth Dodson

Development Coodinator, Academy for Healthcare Science

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