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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We don’t have a set price as it depends on what you want and when you need it.

For individual coaching using MindSonar® prices start from £250. For the team and bespoke training, we can deliver a day’s training from £1000. For consultancy just call, and we will discuss your requirements.

What can you support and deliver?

We are experts in many areas of work, having worked with government and private bodies at home and abroad. Our team have held senior leaders roles in different organisations. We don’t just come to you with a trainers/facilitators skill set; we have consultancy and expertise in strategic planning, human resource,  public engagement and a few of us are still clinical healthcare professionals.

Principally we deal in getting people to think differently, supporting future change and processes to improve what you do.

How we do that is through training and facilitation, coaching, using diagnostic tools such as MindSonar®, Multi-Source Feedback and of course consultancy with a dash of project management.

Do you know everything?

Absolutely: we know everything about our skills, expertise and our limitations! We will say if we don’t know and find someone who does and deliver. We don’t shy away from not knowing. We aim to provide what you ask for, on time and within budget and we will help you shape it.

We will always challenge you to think differently, encourage you to perform to your best, ask you to be innovative with your work, inspire you to perform better than the competition and enable you to deliver and learn the skills of others. It won’t necessarily be easy but why would you ask to work with us if it was going to easy. All change has its challenges.

What’s the best place you have worked?

That is difficult as we work with many great people and great places! The most recent place we have worked and the most dynamic and challenging was the setting up a new programme within the University of Gloucestershire; engaging stakeholders and encouraging and enabling others. They are now going great guns!

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