I was one representative of MindSonar UK as we ventured to the ANLP (Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming) Conference at Heathrow in London to exchange thoughts and discuss the industry.

There were certainly plenty of industry experts there, with around 500 NLP coaches, HR directors, HR leads and learning and development facilitators.

Presenting at the conference were the leading lights within my professional group.

The likes of Roberts Dilts, Art Geyser, Shelle Rose Charvet and Anneke Durlinger, all fantastic people from with our industry that have contributed so much in business through their skills.

These industry experts all came to have a look at the Mindsonar stand to see what we were doing and discuss the tool with us.

Wonderful experience

Robert has commented on Mindsonar before and thinks it is a fantastic tool and is advancing the way in which we are taking psychological profiles forward.

He told Mindsonar’s global website: “MindSonar is an easy-to-use tool that helps coaches and consultants gain insight into critical elements of people’s thinking styles. It has important implications for coaching, recruitment, marketing and team development.

He added: “I recommend it to NLP professionals as a supporting technology for their NLP work both with individuals and in organisations.” (Robert B. Dilts, Santa Cruz, USA)

We also had a lot of interest in MindSonar talking to people from South Africa and India, Slovakia and even the USA.

While we already have MindSonar representatives in America, it is still one of those tools that is just getting to be known and, the people we spoke to were fascinated how they could use it to potentially support their private school for children with difficulties.

It was a wonderful experience to expose MindSonar to the NLP community, the HR community and the learning and development community, all part of our wish to spread the word about what we are doing.

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