What is MindSonar®

What is MindSonar®

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MindSonar ® is an instrument for measuring how people think and what they find important (‘Thinking style’ or ‘Mindset’). 

Thinking style is expressed in metaprograms (cognitive patterns) and Graves drives (motivational values).

MindSonar is a contextual and process-oriented instrument. ‘Contextual’ meaning: MindSonar assumes that people may think differently in different situations (different contexts). ‘Process-oriented’ meaning: MindSonar does not measure what someone thinks, but how they think. 

The term ‘MindSonar’ refers to sonar as an analogy. A physical sonar on a ship indicates where objects lie on the ocean floor, and it requires expert interpretation to know exactly what these objects are. Traditional psychometrics are great but this new granular psychometric is different as it can measure a specific situation or context. 

Curious to know more – book call with Ian our trainer on 01455 241204, or join a free webinar contact Viv@workforcesolutions.group



Mindset of Tendering

Mindset of Tendering

0 Mindset of TenderingTom Richards, Bid Co-ordinator at Sharpsmart UK gives his perspective on the event and the impact it has had.

In July 2018 I attended a Mindset of Tendering training session which was advertised to enable attendees to approach tenders with a winning mindset. This was done by analysing my approach to tenders, utilising a Mindsonar assessment tool, which assessed and mapped my results, against that of a successful tendering professional.

This highlighted to me not only where my shortfalls were in my confidence, but also where improvements could be made in my approach, the way that I perceive the importance of different stages and stakeholder commitment/engagement within the tendering process.

I have since, gone away and analysed the findings for myself, which has further benefited me significantly and allowed me to strengthen my skill set with instant impact. I have certainly seen positive results, not only in the work that I have completed but also in my approach to the process and the people around me.

I found Ian who ran the session to be very interactive and knowledgeable.

We broke up my Mindsonar test results in detail and then they were explained to me thoroughly. Following this, I was provided with coaching for my shortfalls and given a detailed explanation of why this would benefit me as an individual.

I would highly recommend this course to any tendering professional who would like to understand and invest in themselves to encourage successful working and to ultimately win contracts.
After all that is, why we do what we do.

Thank you, Ian, for your comprehensive support and guidance.

What is the Mindset of tendering about?

The mindset of tendering is a 1-day programme based on the practicalities of searching, preparing and writing a bid and understanding the mindset of a successful bid writer Steve O’Hare. Steve, over the last 8 years has won contracts of all sizes through tender activity, with over £360m of new business secured.

As part of the practicalities of bid writing, you will undertake a cutting-edge web-based tool called Mindsonar® that measures how you think in a specific situation, that situation will be writing tender bids. By understanding your unique thinking style, strengths and blind spots, together with the practicalities of tendering you will leave the programme with the same skills and mindset as Steve.

Do you want to join the next course; run Monthly https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/sclo-and-workforce-solutions-group-17248130631

Would you like to become a Mindsonar Professional? https://www.workforcesolutions/events/

BLOG: Addressing the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

BLOG: Addressing the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a national body that acts as a movement on behalf of small businesses.

I was invited along to one of their meetings to talk about Mindsonar and thinking styles and to see how that can influence individuals in business for success.

I entitled the talk ‘Thinking Makes It So’ and there was an eclectic mix of guests from the world of volunteering and IT – to GDPR consultants and LoyalFree (the @Loyalfreeapp was in the room).

Crucially, they were a fantastic group to work with. They really took thinking styles and MindSonar on board and fully engaged with the activities we did.

I like to think that they got a lot out of it as well. A 20-minute presentation ended up being over an hour long as I was asked to keep going when the 20 minutes were up.

Strengths and blind spots

I had started the presentation with a general discussion examining how people think and how they approach their strengths and blind spots.

Studies show that many small businesses fail within the first five years. It’s not that they are mainly doing anything wrong, it’s just that they don’t do things right.

It is so important to know what you are not good at and making the decision to get other people to do those parts of your business for you.

Working in pairs, I got them to ask each other about their thinking styles in relation to their business. I asked what was important to them. This question elicited their beliefs and values. Using precise questions (meta programme language questions) together, we decoded their style.

It led to a few knowing nods and giggles.

“Ahhh, so that’s why I am like that!”

Find solutions

Were they someone who worked towards goals or did they try to avoid problems and find solutions?

Were they someone who sourced their information from within or from others? Were they internally referenced or externally referenced?

Were they driven by possibilities or did they follow procedures?

We looked at the pros and cons of those thinking styles, and the group found that process really insightful and hopefully useful for the future.

In summary, we said that most of us know what we are not good at, but rarely give ourselves much credit.

In a given context

We asked why would we use personality profiles that label us – as opposed to one that establishes how we think in a given context, like Mindsonar. We should use a thinking style tool when we need to know how our customers and us think and, therefore, behave.

We all know the pressure points or hot buttons for winding people up with things they are not good at – especially our partners – but it can be mighty to remind people of the things they excel at. It can be a powerful motivational tool in business and at home mainly if we use the right motivational language!

We closed the session by looking at the Mindsonar psychometric profiles of two people at their best, and the group used the crib sheets I had prepared to analyse them. Everyone applied what he or she had learned and did extremely well.

Thanks to the FSB and everyone who was there for what turned out to be a delightful session.

It was nice to get some feedback from people on my Twitter feed too @MindsonarUK

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Recruitment powered by Language and Behaviour profiling and MindSonar psychometrics

Recruitment powered by Language and Behaviour profiling and MindSonar psychometrics

Following my work with Label Apeel, I reviewed and refined the steps when using profiling tools to recruit to a specific post.

The steps are simple but necessary, so one is thoroughly prepared to get the right candidates and turn off the wrong candidates.

The added benefit of being a LAB profiler and MindSonar professional is you can also deliver development for the company at the same time, at little or no extra cost.

BLOG: Spreading the word about Mindsonar to all corners of the world at the ANLP Conference 2018

BLOG: Spreading the word about Mindsonar to all corners of the world at the ANLP Conference 2018

I was one representative of MindSonar UK as we ventured to the ANLP (Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming) Conference at Heathrow in London to exchange thoughts and discuss the industry.

There were certainly plenty of industry experts there, with around 500 NLP coaches, HR directors, HR leads and learning and development facilitators.

Presenting at the conference were the leading lights within my professional group.

The likes of Roberts Dilts, Art Geyser, Shelle Rose Charvet and Anneke Durlinger, all fantastic people from with our industry that have contributed so much in business through their skills.

These industry experts all came to have a look at the Mindsonar stand to see what we were doing and discuss the tool with us.

Wonderful experience

Robert has commented on Mindsonar before and thinks it is a fantastic tool and is advancing the way in which we are taking psychological profiles forward.

He told Mindsonar’s global website: “MindSonar is an easy-to-use tool that helps coaches and consultants gain insight into critical elements of people’s thinking styles. It has important implications for coaching, recruitment, marketing and team development.

He added: “I recommend it to NLP professionals as a supporting technology for their NLP work both with individuals and in organisations.” (Robert B. Dilts, Santa Cruz, USA)

We also had a lot of interest in MindSonar talking to people from South Africa and India, Slovakia and even the USA.

While we already have MindSonar representatives in America, it is still one of those tools that is just getting to be known and, the people we spoke to were fascinated how they could use it to potentially support their private school for children with difficulties.

It was a wonderful experience to expose MindSonar to the NLP community, the HR community and the learning and development community, all part of our wish to spread the word about what we are doing.

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