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A long established company, we are excellent at engaging with you and your people maintaining the focus on achieving the outcome you want. Whether we are coaching, training or undertaking a piece consultancy, we will gain the change you want.

We have case history full of examples of our work and products that will enable you to see the benefits of us working with you. In a nutshell, we are workforce specialists; experts in coaching and workforce development and change management through challenging thinking, influencing cultures, and improving processes.

The base of skills and approach lay in the ability to identify peoples motivation and support their blind spots.

Our values

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ask questions, seek feedback, learn from mistakes

inspire Home


vision, share, shape, ignite, look at it from different positions

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set objectives, make resources available, view possibilities, maintain state, trust, empower, capture thoughts

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set self as an example, look at how and who has done it before, adapt, be flexible, plan

encourage Home


creativity, encourage from the heart all those around, celebrate and love work

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“I found your coaching fun, emotionally challenging, but above all inspirational; the time just flew by, and I feel completely changed by it. Now, I know I can do and achieve anything.”

— Lynda Craven, Owner at Mayfair & Mint Limited

“Ability to understand teams and individuals through using ‘Language & Behaviour Profiling’ is exceptional and I highly recommend others to use this to understand what motivates them and their customers.”

— Idox Healthcare Director Steve Wightman

“Enthusiastic facilitator, worked well to help people go outside their comfort zones.”

— Participant in Cromwell Care "Living our Values" Training

“During the past year I have had the opportunity to commission Workforce Solutions Group to undertake work on behalf of NHS Wales. Ian has effectively led the team and provides much valued insight and thought into the process; has engaged with stakeholders in a sensitive manner which has ensured all feel involved in the process and delivered high quality products for us. Workforce solutions have made challenging areas of work easier to navigate and have delivered on the agreed outcomes. Workforce Solutions Group possess a wealth of information and experience across Government Policy, the NHS Service, the Higher Education sector and education commissioning.  They are in a unique position to link all these aspects which added significant value to the work undertaken.”

Stephen Griffiths

Director of Workforce and Education , Welsh Education Development Service


With an array of products and solutions to target various issues, we can provide you with tailored options suited to your organisation and situation.

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